Commercial-Grade Boat Leasing

Customized / Short-Term / Long-Term / Fixed Firm Prices

Designed to meet the small vessel needs of Government and Military contractors.

Commercial-Grade Boat Leasing

Customized/Short-Term/Long-Term/Fixed Firm Prices
Designed to meet the small vessel needs of Government and Military contractors.

What We Do

At Maritime Support Leasing we understand that owning and maintaining your fleet of commercial vessels can be problematic and expensive, which is why we offer customized boat leasing and maintenance solutions that fit your unique needs. We are maritime experts specializing in high-performance workboats, such as SAFE boats, Zodiacs, SeaArks, Boston Whaler guardians, Willards and more.

We support your critical mission by providing the highest quality and most durable workboats available. These vessels are specifically designed for:

  • Marine Mammal support & handling
  • Underwater Survey
  • Safety
  • UUV Launch & Recovery
  • Pursuit
  • Diving
  • On-Water Training
  • Marine Research
  • Marine Patrol
  • Maritime Security
  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • At sea recovery and salvage
  • Search & Rescue

Providing Experienced Crew Services for Your Maritime Operation

Outsourcing your crew is a great way to delegate responsibility, lower expenses and manage risks. In conjunction with Six Maritime, we offer professional captains and expert crew members. If you’re pressed for time and other resources, we welcome the opportunity to help you establish a team for your maritime operations. Let us know your requirements and we will provide you with the right workforce for the job.

How We Work

Learning About Your Operational Needs

We take the time to understand your needs and offer professional advice and assistance to ensure you get the right boat for your operational tasks.

Creating a Proposal For Review

Once we have your requirements, we send you a proposal for review. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer flexible lease terms at one firm fixed price. Once the proposal is accepted, we generate your leasing contract for you to review.

Preparing Your Vessel For Delivery

Upon your approval and signature of the contract, we begin any necessary modifications to your chosen vessel. Once completed and your vessel has been outfitted, we make the necessary arrangements to deliver your boat to the location of your choice – coast-to-coast and worldwide.

Providing Access To Our Cloud-Based Reporting System

We will connect you with our innovative cloud-based reporting platform, so you’ll receive fast and accurate communication and high-level maintenance support. Create repair tickets, coordinate services, and follow the progress of your vessel.

Maintaining Your Boat For You

Our service would not be complete without maintenance and support. While under contract, our maritime team provides routine service and repairs. No need to hire additional personnel to properly maintain your boat. We’ve got you covered.

Service & Support

Complete boat maintenance, including engine services and hull cleaning with every lease.

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Special Programs Support

Vessel modifications that are essential to your mission.

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Maritime Security

Waterborne security through our trusted partnership.

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Have your vessel delivered exactly where and when you need it, coast-to-coast and worldwide. To contact us, fill out the form below.

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