Maritime Security

Professional / Experienced / Technologically Advanced

Offering specialized security in the maritime sector.

24 Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year. All Weather, Day or Night.

When failure is not an option and national security is at stake, our vessels perform!

Through our trusted partnership with Six Maritime we offer waterborne security and professional coxswains. Our maritime security partner is innovative, high-tech-driven, and highly experienced. They provide logistically simple, technologically advanced security solutions. We work side by side with them to ensure maximum protection and satisfaction.

Our teams are the best trained and equipped in the industry; we confidently guarantee the ability to provide services and solutions no other maritime security company can.

  • Threat Detection & Avoidance
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • Onboard Armed Security Teams
  • Port Security
  • Vessel Hardening
  • Supply Chain Security & Management
  • Enhanced Vessel Protection
  • Maritime Security Training
  • Port Hardening
  • Personnel Security in High Risk Areas
  • Gas & Oil Pipeline Protection
  • Safeguarding Hazardous Materials in a Maritime Environment
  • Quick Reaction Force / Anti-Terrorism Response Training
  • Diving & Salvage Operations

Boat Leasing

Customized commercial boat leasing and maintenance solutions that fit your unique needs.

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Service & Support

Complete boat maintenance, including engine services and hull cleaning with every lease.

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Special Programs Support

Vessel modifications that are essential to your mission.

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