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Complete service & support provided with every aspect of your maritime operation.

Our Maintenance Program

Every vessel leased from MSL is meticulously maintained and includes a comprehensive maintenance plan. This covers everything from torn upholstery to blown engines, oil changes, or bottom cleanings. Everything the vessel needs to be mission ready is our responsibility. We do this with all 25 of our current vessels. Our record is flawless, and our maintenance program is simple. We implement the PROPRIETARY Light Multi-Faceted Maintenance Program (LMFMP).

Our team is comprised of USN and USCG Veteran mechanics who are cross-trained in all vessel types and every vessel system. These multi-faceted employees are assigned to a small specific group of vessels. The employees continue to maintain these vessels for the service life of the vessel or the contract duration. This gives our maintenance staff the highest level of familiarity with their vessels. The LMFMP allows us to forward deploy vessels and assigned maintenance personnel anywhere on the globe quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

To facilitate fast and accurate communication, maintenance recording and enhanced maintenance support, we have a cloud-based reporting and recording platform. This enables us to better record and coordinate operations and maintenance, including but not limited to the following maintenance and repair priorities:

  • Preventative maintenance scheduling, tracking, and reporting
  • Climate-based bottom cleaning schedule, tracking, and reporting
  • Creating, assigning & tracking repair orders
  • Topside, interior, and engine room cleaning schedule

This program is overseen by regional directors of maintenance, who report to a centralized vice president & chief engineer located in San Diego.

Maritime Service Team

Our team is comprised of USN and USCG Veteran mechanics who are cross-trained in all types of commercial-grade boats and every kind of onboard vessel system. Each team member is assigned to a small specific group of boats for the duration of the boat’s service with Maritime Support Leasing. This gives our team members the highest level of familiarity with the boats they manage to help serve our clients in a more efficient manner.

Maritime Network

A key component to our successful Maintenance Program is our ability to source the highest quality marine parts at the lowest rates available. Our experience has helped us create the commercial relationships to do just that. From the new Honda outboards to the sacrificial anodes, we know how to get the exact part in the shortest amount of time and for the best price available.

Boat Leasing

Customized commercial boat leasing and maintenance solutions that fit your unique needs.

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Special Programs Support

Vessel modifications that are essential to your mission.

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Maritime Security

Waterborne security through our trusted partnership.

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